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Ultraconservative Polish drug policies are slowly starting to change in last two years. However, Poland still remains to be a country with one of the harshest draconic drug laws in the European Union. Possessing and growing of any other kind of cannabis than hemp with less than 0.2% THC is deemed a criminal offence. Thus, the first place where suspect goes is a prison cell.

The punishment ranges between 1 and 10 years of imprisonment. The main decisive factor is the amount of the drug. However, this amount is not precisely defined – the extent of the penalty thus depends solely on judge’s decision. Prosecutor and judge can even use a provision enabling them to label the amount as “insignificant” and stop the prosecution. It is important to note that this rarely happens.

Another exception, which is seldom used, is a law enabling Polish medical doctors to import cannabis for their patients. In 2016, patient advocates increased their pressure on the government. A bill that would legalize medical marijuana was debated in Sejm (the lower chamber of a Polish parliament). Furthermore, the initiative Konopie lezca (Cannabis Cures) is trying to get 100 000 signatures for their petition aiming to change the law.