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Austria is country with a more liberal drug policy. Since the 1980s, it has been pursuing the “harm reduction” attitude instead of criminalization. Concerning cannabis, its consumption is not considered a criminal offense. Growing is also not punishable up to the point when it is considered a production of psychoactive substances.

Punishments for possession of cannabis are not primarily based on the amount of the drug in Austria. This is considered only after the case of distribution is proved. For possessing cannabis, one can get maximum six months of a prison sentence, or fine. Alternative punishments are often imposed – since 2016, these are based on a medical inspection assessing possible addiction of the offender and considering drug rehab.

Considering distribution, a mere sharing of a pipe, joint, or vaporizer can be seen as a criminal offence. However, it rarely happens. Punishments for distribution are based on an amount of drugs from minor (up to 20 grams of pure THC) to more serious offences (more than 20 grams of pure THC). In case of commercial distribution of larger amounts, one can face up to three years of imprisonment. As regards import and distribution, the punishment rises up to five years and members of organized groups may face up to 20 years behind bars.

Austria has a regulated system of medical cannabis. Since 2016, medical marijuana has been exported and distributed through pharmacies to patients who have doctor’s prescription.