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Cannabis in the most popular tourist destination in the world is illegal – cultivating, selling, and possessing is prohibited by law, which is similar to prohibition laws around the world. On the other hand a decree was passed in 2015 punishing cannabis smoking in the street just with a fine only instead of punishment of up to ten years.

In reality major city in France, such as Paris, Marseille or Lyon have thousands of illegally operating “open air coffeeshops” where people can buy hashish and herbal cannabis of different quality and price just like in Amsterdam – but openly on the street.

As for the medical cannabis, there was a law legalizing the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in 2013, however the authorities are very biased and the system does not really work leaving patients with hope, but with no legal access, which leads them to buy unsafe product on the black market. 

In general, France is the biggest cannabis consumer in Europe after the Czech Republic.