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Concerning punishments for possession of cannabis, Slovakian anti-drug laws count among the harshest in Europe. Growing any kind of cannabis in Slovakia is restricted; with one exception being plants grown for research or industry. All cannabis products as resin, tincture or extracts are subject to the same restrictive law. These “drugs” are classified as a first class of narcotics.

However, the use of cannabis is not deemed illegal. Growers can be fined (up to 33 193 €), and simple possession of the plant can get you from 3 to 5 years in prison according to the amount. In case of distribution, which is defined as a possession of more than 10 individual doses, the sentence can reach between 4 and 10 years behind bars.

Surprisingly enough, Slovakian drug laws do not differentiate possible dangers of various substances. This means that it does not matter whether you are caught with the cannabis or heroin. What is considered is the amount of present active ingredients, which is then used to count the number of possessed doses (the more potent cannabis, the more doses).

Furthermore, the Slovakian parliament classified CBD as class II psychoactive substances. The local Ministry of Health controls any manipulation, import or export. This means that products on Slovakian market cannot contain cannabidiol.