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Kali Mist by Serious Seeds

Kali Mist

Average rating: 3.5 (24× ratings)

Kali Mist is arguably the top sativa available on the market today, often called the Queen of Sativas. She grows into classical sativa plants with very few leaves. This strain produces dense clusters of full spirally buds, with very high resin content and a delightfully spicy scent. The open plant structure with few leaves allows light to pass all the way to lower branches, allowing the bottom buds to develop fully. Kali Mist is used medicinally against chronic pains like back aches and as a mood enhancer. Women all around the world particularly like this plant as a relief against monthly cramps. Kali Mist has been improved twice since its first release; in 1998 and in 2000. The most recent and also best version won 8 of the 10 cups behind the name 'Kali Mist’. When it is planted outside early in the year this plant can grow very tall. Grown outdoors in Spain and Italy it proved to be very mold resistent, even during rains. Kali Mist won a 1st prize Cannabis Cup 1995, 1st prize Cannabis Cup 2000, 3rd prize High Life Spain 2004, 1st prize Seedcup 2008 in Bologna, Italy, and in 2009 the third prize at the Kent Guerilla Cannabis Cup in England. Last award won by Kali Mist: 1st prize in the category: 'Best Hash' at the Cannabis Champions Cup 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

F1-hybrid, almost pure Sativa
Indoor flowering time
70–90 days
Flowering time outdoor
late November
Kali Mist
Plant height
outdoor very tall
Serious Seeds


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