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Depression is a psychiatric condition that can seriously affect patient’s life and people around him or her. It is characterized by constant or repetitive feelings of sadness, despair and helplessness. Those who suffer from depression have usually problems finding work, interact with people around them, or even take care of themselves (suicidal tendencies are also observed on regular basis).

Some research suggests that cannabis users are diagnosed with depression more often than nonusers – particularly daily and heavy users. However, it has never been proven that the herb itself directly causes depression; besides, historical evidence tells us that people have been using cannabis to treat depression for thousands of years already.

Does Cannabis Cause or Cure Depression?

There is no doubt that the genetic, environmental and other factors that trigger depression also lead to marijuana use and that heavy use may worsen the symptoms.

On the other hand more and more people with depression switch pharmaceuticals for cannabis as a way to fight their depressive symptoms without debilitating side effects of synthetic pills – this is becoming a huge social and political issue in the USA with thousands of army veterans who are suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and are committing suicides on daily basis – and cannabis seems to be the only thing that actually helps them get their life back.