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Dry eyes

Sucho v očích

Effects – Dry Eyes

Not only red eyes can be very bothering to cannabis users, but we can be also faced with a less visible problem with our visual system after ingesting cannabis – dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome is a pretty common condition affecting people whose tears are not able to produce enough lubrication of their eyes (i.e. the production of not enough or bad-quality tears).

The cause may be inflammation, increase of the eye surface (e.g. in thyroid disease), environmental conditions, side effect of certain medications, or failed cosmetic surgery.

Main Symptoms

Dry eyes are usually treated with artificial teardrops first, followed by medication stimulating the production of tears and/or anti-inflammatory medicaments, and in severe cases surgery.

Fortunately, a vast majority of cannabis users suffer from dry eyes only temporarily for a short period of time after consuming the herb, and there is no need for any medical treatment.

Still, a lot of users prefer to apply eye drops to water their eyes a little and make them less red.

If you are suffering from dry eye every time after smoking cannabis, try to use the drops or consider a pause for at least a couple of days. It is also advisable to avoid hours-long staring into computer screen or watching TV for half a day while being under the influence of THC.