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Almost all the plants in the world – including cannabis – can be grown either outdoor, or indoor. The difference is obvious: indoor growing means having the plants inside the flat, house, or simply in a growbox without any access to sunlight; whereas growing outdoor means having the plants out in the open: in the field, garden, or simply in a pot on the terrace – just about everywhere where the sun shines.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Growing indoor can be a very expensive activity demanding a lot of special equipment. Luckily you can choose from many variations according to your budged (for example cheap growing in soil, or more expensive hydroponic growing; using expensive LED lights, or cheap compact fluorescent lights and if you are skillful enough you can save a lot of money by building your own growbox instead of buying one.

Still, there are some unavoidable costs such as electricity bills for lights and ventilation – and there is also a possibility of strong smell attracting unwanted attention (especially in block of flats).

Nevertheless the advantages of indoor growing undoubtedly surpass the negative aspects: the grower is not dependent on good weather, he or she does not need to be afraid that someone would steal the crop, there can be more harvests throughout the year, and most importantly the cannabinoid content (i.e. potency) in female flowers can be significantly higher than in outdoor plants.

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