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The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is a rather complicated one. Some users report significant relief from fear, panic, stress and other symptoms immediately after a small dose; others complain about deepened anxiety and strong paranoia.


Be Careful with THC

THC-induced paranoia can be usually seen primarily in less experienced users. Yet many people do not realize that today’s market offers a number of strains containing small or no amount of this psychoactive cannabinoid. These are an ideal choice for patients with anxiety, because they are cultivated to contain minute percentage of THC in benefit of non-psychoactive CBD. It does not necessarily mean that plants with high content of THC cannot help patients – every person has slightly different reaction to these chemicals, and THC may definitely be helpful to some.

To pick the right strain, you should first know your level of tolerance of THC. The next step is to try a variety of strains and find the one that suits you best.


What Cannabis Offers

Cannabis affects stress level through the interactions with endocannabinoid system, which also regulates pain and appetite. THC can make you feel happy and calm, but also sleepy and excessively hungry.

The treatment of anxiety disorders with cannabis depends largely on dosing. Experts warn that small doses of THC can have beneficiary effects while higher ones contrarily negative impact. Furthermore, it seems that CBD functions in an opposite way. Also, a recent study proved that CBD has high anti-psychotic potential and could be used as anti-depressant or anxiolytic.