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One of the most common side-effects of cannabis is vertigo, which is experienced by the user especially while standing. 

Cannabis and Vertigo

Cannabis is commonly thought to cause vertigo because it lowers the blood pressure and causes insufficient blood supply of the brain. Even though vertigo is a common side-effect of cannabis use, its intensity varies considerably among people.

One of the few studies on the effects of cannabinoids on vertigo was published in 1992 by experts from the Duke University in North Carolina, USA. This study helped to decipher the connection between cannabis and vertigo. It proved that cannabis probably does not affect the blood pressure if smoked in the position of rest. However, as soon as the user stands up, the aforementioned decrease in blood pressure may appear.

The study also found out that the decrease in blood pressure is experienced only by the users who have vertigo, be it mild or intensive. More precisely, the study shows that 3 out of 10 participants experienced growing vertigo after smoking one joint (containing 3.50% of THC).

What’s the Reason behind It?

Even though the exact mechanism of the effects of cannabis on vertigo is still unknown, the scientists have a few hypotheses at their disposal. Cannabis may increase the blood supply of the brain if smoked seated because it expands the blood-vessels in the brain. Due to this fact some experts claim that the combination of expanded vessels and decreased blood pressure may be the cause of vertigo when cannabis is consumed while standing.