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What is the basic feature according to which growers from all over the world choose their seeds? Most seedbanks divide their products into two essential categories: regular and feminized.  The reason is simple – it is the most important information for the future grower. So what it means if we buy “regular” seeds? By buying regular seeds the grower is undertaking a risk of ending up with about 50 percent of male plants,1 while feminized seeds should produce “at least” 95 percent of females.  

Decline in Popularity

The end of the nineties saw a rapid decline in production of regular seeds caused by the utilization of the process called feminization. It means that female plants can be stimulated to produce pollen in such a way that the pollen is regarded as ‘female pollen’. The female pollen is used to pollinate a female plant which then starts producing feminized seeds. The market was soon overwhelmed with feminized seeds and many seedbanks completely stopped the sale of regular seeds, or were offering only a tiny selection.

However, there is a visible trend in recent years indicating that the good old “regulars” are making their way back – be it for enthusiasts who like to breed their own strains, or for growers with aversion to any modifications.





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