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Bubba Kush by Green House Seeds

Bubba Kush

Average rating: 4.3 (7× ratings)

When it is late in the evening, Bubba Kush will take you by the hand and lead you to the pain-free land of sleep. To create this highly productive crossbreed Greenhouse Seeds harnessed Bubble Gum and Kush and the outcome is truly tasty and effective. The flavor is a blend of old school "Bazooka" bubble gum and Afghan hash and the long lasting effect is very similar to a pain-killer combined with a soporific, but with a nice cerebral side-effect that keeps pumping energy into your thought factory. What you make of it, is totally up to you, but if you smoke too much you will soon have only one thought left ... bed, I am free from pain and completely relaxed, so come here, NOW!
Bubba Kush is a very good yielde. When grown outdoors and properly pruned to form a huge bush of flowers by early October. And not only the amount of smokable flowers will make you kneel in awe, the buds are covered in a layer of shiny trichomes and the reddish/purple hues will make your eyes want to take a bite of that look.

Cannabis Cups: 1st Place at Treating Yourself Medical Cup 2010.

Fundamental parameters

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20% sativa/80%indica
Indoor flowering time
9 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
Bubble Gum x Kush
Green House Seeds


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Bubba Kush je skvělým křížencem od Green House Seeds, více na Cannapedia.cz
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Bubba Kush: great strain by Green House Seeds on Cannapedia.cz


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