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Effects – Relaxing

Relaxation as a state of mind usually refers to stress relief and mental calmness as well as physiological effect of relaxing body’s muscles. Generally speaking, relaxation helps us “charge our batteries”, forget about bad stuff and feel good and happy.

How to Relax

There are many ways and techniques teaching us how to relax properly and how to achieve desired effects of calmness and happiness. Meditation, yoga, or deep breathing are only a few forms of relaxing the mind, body and soul.

People practicing these exercises know that they need to “turn off” their thinking in order to get into a proper state of relaxation. And here comes our friend, cannabis: Whether smoked or eaten, it induces calming effects and helps us leave everyday problems behind – at least for a while.

Cannabis – Good, or Bad Friend?

While cannabis may help many overworked and stressed people relax and take the edge off a bad day, it may also contribute to overall laziness of people who should be focused and alert instead.

Similarly to other effects of cannabis use, the “good vs. bad friend” issue needs to be addressed from the view of individual users, their situation and circumstances of use.