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Distribution of a Narcotic or Psychotropic Substance at the School

If a student is caught distributing a narcotic or psychotropic substance on school premises (or during school hours or during an event organized by the school), according to the guidance note of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports the school personnel should apply the following procedure:

1. In view of the fact that both distribution and possession are at all times considered illegal (distribution is always a crime, while possession up to a certain amount is “only” an offence), the school must always report the matter to the appropriate department of the Police of the CR.

2. If the act was committed by a person under 18 years of age or if it was directed against a person under 18 years of age, the school will also notify the legal guardian of the minor student and the authority for social and legal protection of children (OSPOD).

3. If the school personnel retrieve on the premises any substance which they consider narcotic or psychotropic, they should act as described under the heading ‘Finding an addictive or psychotropic substance on the school premises’.

Distribuce omamné nebo psychotropní látky ve škole