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Testing for Evidence of an Addictive Substance at the School

What are the rules that govern preliminary testing for the evidence of addictive substances? In accordance with Section 22 of the Act on the Protection of Health from the Harmful Effects of Drugs the teaching staff may drug test a student in circumstances when the “type of classes” is of such nature that the student could endanger his health and life or other people´s health and life or cause damage to property. In other cases the teaching staff may test an adult student for evidence of an addictive substance only with his consent and a minor student only with a prior consent of his legal guardian. The usual types of testing are breath-testing for evidence of alcohol and saliva-testing for evidence of narcotic and psychotropic substances. If the preliminary test gives positive results, the legal guardian or the adult student will have the right to a clinical laboratory test, the cost of which, in the case of a positive result, will be borne by the student.

Testování na přítomnost návykové látky ve škole