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Use of an Addictive Substance at the School

What to do if a pupil/student (“student”) is caught using an addictive substance on school premises (or during school hours or during an event organized by the school)? According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports the school personnel should apply the following procedure:

1. Prevent the student from further use of the substance.

2. Take the substance away from the student in the presence of another person and with the use of protective aids.

3. Assess whether the student´s health or life are threatened – if so, provide the necessary assistance and call the emergency medical service and Police of the CR. If there is no immediate risk to the student´s health or life, the teaching staff will act in accordance with the School Code, in particular, he will ask the student to explain the situation and he will inform the school management.

4. The teaching staff will get in touch with the legal guardian of a minor student, or with the parents of an adult student, and if the student is unable to stay for further classes, he will ask the guardian or parent to collect the student from the school premises. The legal guardian has the right to state his opinion in writing, both on the matter and steps taken by the school. If the legal guardian is not available, the school will notify the ‘authority for social and legal protection of children’ („OSPOD“).

5. The school always reports such cases to the OSPOD.

6. If the student or his legal guardians decide to seek professional help, the school will inform them of the options available.

7. The school will apply sanctions in accordance with its School Code.  In doing so, the school personnel must always keep in mind that distribution is more severe than actual use (distribution is a criminal offence).

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