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Germination is the budding of the seed which occurs after planting into the ground, inserting it into water or laying it on a damp cotton pad, and letting it rest for some time. Plants which reproduce themselves by seeds and pollen grow up due to this process of germination. When they are planted they stay inactive until suitable conditions for germination occur.

For the germination to happen, certain conditions need to be met, such as the presence of water, oxygen, appropriate temperature and light. If these criteria are met, the seed starts getting bigger as it absorbs water and light. The seed coat breaks open and rootlet sprouts, soon followed by a sprout itself out of which the first leaflets grow. This is the germination – the first phase in plant’s life.


How it works

Germination is a way of reproducing that takes place in a majority of plants. This process starts with absorption of water and oxygen under the influence of the ambient temperature, the seed’s sensitivity to light, the intensity of light, etc.

Before the germination takes place, the seed lacks sufficient nutrients to grow into a plant. The moment it gains enough nutrients, the enzymes inside the seed are activated and the process of growth begins. First, a root grows out of the seed, allowing it to access more water. Then the sprouts, or shoots, appear above the ground, consisting of a stem and leaflets which absorb energy from the sun. This energy is now going to be used for the subsequent development of the plant.

Several factors influence the germination process. Absorption of water is essential for the seed to support the growing root. However, too much water can be harmful as it can block oxygen from reaching the growing seed. For their optimal growth, different seeds also need different temperature – some grow only at low temperature, others require higher.


What to do with old seeds

Sometimes we may discover seeds several years old, that we have forgotten about. In this case, various reagents that support germination are readily accessible in growshops and garden centers and these may help you get even an old seed to germinate and grow into a healthy plant.