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Growing techniques

Cannabis can be successfully grown using a number of different growing techniques and methods.

The easiest one is to buy soil made specifically for growing this plant, although that tends to be rather costly. A different and more difficult way requiring advanced growing skills is hydroponics, a method that is steadily gaining popularity. More and more growers across the world are giving preference to this method as it provides high yields, among other benefits.

The basic division of the growing methods is based on the setting – indoors, or outdoors. If you’re growing cannabis under artificial lighting – indoors – you may choose between several different methods that differ in the choice of the growing medium: plants can be grown in soil substrate, hydroponically (using water) and/or in the so-called inert substrates (substrates without the content of nutrients), such as rockwool, perlite, or coir (coconut fiber).


Growing in soil

Those who grow their plants in the natural or organic way appreciate the stability that soil offers. It seems that soil forgives a lot of mistakes and mishaps. That’s because a well-mixed soil already contains the nutrients necessary for a healthy growth. Soil also gives growers more space for balancing the acidity of the environment. Nutrients contained in soil reduce the need of adding artificial nutrition and preserve the plant’s natural character.


Aeroponic and hydroponic systems

Some growers are attracted to hydroponics or even aeroponics, as these allow for a higher automatization and control. However, these methods tend to be more complicated than traditional growing in soil.

Popular growing media are porous materials like the above-mentioned coir or rockwool, which provide foothold and the necessary oxygen for roots, while also keeping and absorbing the nutrients that the given system distributes.

Aside from stability and control over the growing environment, a medium can also directly influence health, potency and taste of buds.

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