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Vegetative phase

When it comes to growth, plants in general share many similarities. Cannabis, however, has certain specific peculiarities that set it apart. Luckily, there are recommendations which, if taken into account, ensure a quality and strong growth. These include advices on what nutrients to supply and when to apply them.

In the initial period of growth, plants create its structural integrity (the stems and roots). Leaves begin to develop immediately after. We need to supply a lot of nitrogen to each plant in these initial phases of growth.

The first leaves start to undergo the photosynthesis process. They absorb sunlight and allow for the plant to grow. When plants germinate and begin to stabilize, it is recommended to remove all seeds that had germinated too late, as well as all stunted seedlings, so that they do not steal light and nutrients from other plants.

If a plant already has a stable root system and the environment is well-set, a good-quality harvest tends to be only a question of “maintenance”. Provided a plant has enough nutrients and light, it will grow and develop a strong support which it would later need for the flowering phase.


Environmental factors

In the vegetative phase, it is also necessary to optimize other environmental factors affecting the plant (this is of course important in each stage of plant development, but particularly in this phase). In the case of indoor growing, you may, for example, expose small rooted plants to light for 24 hours. However, it is better to simulate night as well and to provide them with at least six hours of darkness. Other important environmental factors include humidity, pH, and EC (electric conductivity) of soil, air exchange and so on.

Vegetativní fáze