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Greenhouse growing

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse offers many advantages in comparison to both growing under direct sun and to indoor growing. Of course, there are cons to it, too.


Why consider growing in a greenhouse

The beauty of using a greenhouse for growing cannabis lies in the fact that you avoid buying and using all the tricky and complicated devices that are necessary for running an indoor grow-op. And when compared to growing outdoors, growers will appreciate the greater level of security (the crops are not so much visible) and usually faster growth and higher yield as well.

Simply put, greenhouse utilizes the best of nature’s elements and combines them with the protection from the worst ones. That is why it is best suitable for growers in our climate (unless it is too humid and cold in your area).


Outdoor, or greenhouse?

It may sometimes be difficult for growers to decide whether to grow their under direct sun, or in a greenhouse. This is especially true for those with a rather casual approach to growing – growing in a greenhouse may seem to be a too much hassle to them. Why bother when you can simply let the plants grow on their own in your garden?

When searching for the answer to this question, try to think about the negatives which outdoor growing involves. Unforeseen weather changes, pests, diseases and thieves (who are some of the worst disasters that may happen – along with the police knocking on your door) may ruin your harvest at basically any point during the growth cycle.

When growing cannabis in a greenhouse, you will more likely face small insects than pests like deer, rabbits, and birds. Still, it is necessary to think about prevention and protection, ideally with the help of natural preparations. It is also important to ensure low enough humidity and good airflow to prevent the development of mold when the plants start flowering – and especially before harvest.

In general, it is clear that greenhouses ensure much better protection of plants than exposing them to environmental influences and, compared to growing under artificial lighting, does not involve huge expenses and hard work.

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