Cannapedia Encyclopedia of cannabis strains

Flowering Stage

The flowering phase is a stage of cannabis growth that begins when the buds, which contain most of the active and healing substances, start forming.


This is in fact the most important phase of the whole life cycle of cannabis plant – when you make mistakes or create inappropriate environment during this stage, the consequences can be catastrophic.

When the lightning cycle starts providing the plant with longer hours of continuous darkness, plants start to bloom. First, they also speed up their growth, but soon slow down until they totally stop growing and start using the saved energy only to produce buds. When growing outdoor, this process begins once the days start getting shorter in the second half of the summer. When growing under artificial lighting, this phase begins once the light source is switched to the 12/12 mode (twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness). The flowering phase of most strains takes seven to nine weeks, but some sativa-dominant strains of pure sativas need even more time.

Differences between strains

What happens during the flowering phase (as a matter of fact, during any phase) can differ in each strain. Other factors such climate conditions, altitude or other external factors are crucial, and that is why it is important to understand that every manual or universal description of the length of the flowering phase are to be taken only approximately.

When the flowering phase begins, there is not a big change in the plant’s growth speed. Cannabis does not suddenly stop growing in order to start flowering. On the contrary, during the first couple of weeks, many strains grow significantly. The wild growth of the first weeks starts to slow down during the third or the fourth week. Between the fourth and the sixth week, the growth stops completely. Approximately from the sixth week, the plant ceases to create new leaves or stems. During this period, it completely stops the vegetative growth so that all the energy can be put into the creation of buds.

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