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Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis which is made by removing trichomes from flowers.

Trichomes are the glossy little crystal-like balls that form on the flowers of female cannabis plants. Compared to other parts of the plant, trichomes boast the greatest concentration of cannabinoids and other active substances. By removing these glands from the plant material, the user can create a very potent product.

As for the most frequently used method of “home-made” extraction, most cannabis users have a grinder which gathers kief in the lower part of the apparatus. After a period of several months, there is usually enough kief to make a few decent joints. Of course, there are other and more efficient methods. For example, if you wish to obtain a large amount of kief in a short time, you may apply a dry ice method. However, this technique requires a larger amount of cannabis.


How to separate kief

Unless you’re using a three-chambered grinder which gathers kief on its own, some of the material is being wasted. Without the kief-collecting chamber it only sticks to the sides of the grinder and is hard to remove from there.

If you prefer extracts but do not want to invest in extraction tools, kief sifting provides an excellent alternative. Thanks to the high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids in the resin glands, the separation of kief is a great way of consuming cannabis while limiting the amount of inhaled smoke.

Extracting kief is simple. Using a three-chambered grinder, you can grind cannabis very finely, with all the kief passing through a sieve and falling into a small compartment. You can use simple sieves when extracting larger amounts of kief. Separating kief from the plant matter this way is about as difficult as sifting flour.