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Cannabis is not only terpenes, but also other substance of interest – and the scientists have been recently focusing especially on properties and possible uses of terpenes. First studies of terpene profiles in cannabis plants are conducted in laboratories, aiming to describe their individual and mutual effects (and also synergistic effects when applied together with cannabinoids).

What Are Terpenes?

It may come as big news in the world of cannabis, however terpenes are very well known compounds found in other plants as well (even in some insects). So far, the scientists mapped terpene profiles for example in coffee, wine or oranges.

Terpenes belong among organic compounds found in different amounts in various cannabis strains affecting the typical smell and taste. Once we manage to map the profiles thoroughly, we should be able to anticipate and modify their content.

While modifying smell and taste may sound pretty interesting, there are more important areas of terpenes’ research – e.g. medicinal properties.

Some terpenes found in cannabis and other plants have shown significant therapeutic effects, which means there are – beside cannabinoids – other nonpsychoactive substances found in cannabis plant with potentially useful properties in the treatment of many ailments and diseases.