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Flowering period

The basic factor determining the length of flowering of a given strain is whether it is indica-dominant, or a more slowly-ripening sativa dominant variety. Indicas tend to mature in as soon as six to eight weeks, whereas sativas may take ten to thirteen weeks in some cases.

Plants grown outdoors are also constantly exposed to environmental factors, such as climate, altitude, temperature, humidity, airflow and so on.


The difference between indoor and outdoor growing

The growing location and environment influence the length of the flowering period. Growing indoors gives growers the advantage of an adjustable flowering period, as the length of light and darkness can be regulated. To make the plant mature faster, we may for example prolong the period of darkness from twelve to fourteen hours. Shorter dark period or occasional interruptions by light can in turn make the flowering period last longer.

When growing cannabis outdoors, the length of flowering depends on the season, the amount of light the plants receive as well as on other factors mentioned above. In the geographic context of the Czech Republic, for example, there is a great difference between growing in South Moravia, the Haná region in Central Moravia, or in the Krkonoše

mountains in the very north of the country.


Fooling nature

We can influence the time when cannabis starts flowering ourselves. When growing indoors, it is sufficient to change the lighting cycle – to make the plants switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase, it is enough to expose them to at least twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness. Naturally, when growing outdoors, achieving this is much harder, as we can hardly influence the length of sunlight. However, some growers use the so-called cover method when growing in a greenhouse when the entire greenhouse is covered by a black canvas to achieve the required minimum of twelve hours in order to accelerate the flowering period. This method is understandably quite demanding and requires day-to-day presence in the greenhouse.

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