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Chocolate Fondue odrůda konopí od DNA Genetics v databázi Cannapedie

Chocolate Fondue

Average rating: 3.7 (3× ratings)

Chocolate Fondue is the perfect balance of Exodus UK Cheese and Chocolope. The Chocolate Fondue is a heavy feeder and an easy pick for the beginner due to the ease of growing and the amazing results. Chocolope and Cheese have beautiful aromas and tastes they’re not too high, not too stoned, and their effects will creep up on you slowly through the day. Chocolate or cheese both melt great in a fondue – we give to you - Exodus UK Cheese x Chocolope, when put together, their flavours combine perfectly and the strength increases, this smoke will relax your body AND melt your mind.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

80% sat./ 20% ind.
Indoor flowering time
8–9 weeks
Exodus Cheese (UK) x Chocolope
DNA Genetic


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