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Threat Under The Influence

§ 274  of the Criminal Code - Threat under the Influence of Addictive Substances

(1) A person who performs employment or another activity which could endanger human life or health, or cause substantial damage to property in an incapacitated state that they inflicted by the influence of addictive substances, shall be punished by a prison sentence of up to one year, a monetary penalty, or punishment by disqualification.

(2) An offender shall be punished by a prison sentence of six months to three years, a monetary penalty, or punishment by disqualification, if,

a) they caused an accident, traffic or other accidents, bodily harm to another person, or larger damage to a stranger’s property or other serious consequences by committing an act referred to in Subsection 1,
b) they committed such an act during the course of employment or other activities during which the effects of the addictive substances are particularly dangerous, especially if they operate a means of public transport, or
c) they were convicted for such an act over the last two years or released from serving a prison sentence imposed for such an act.

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