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Cannabis dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are places where budtenders sell or dispense goods that contain cannabis. Such stores first appeared in California, which was the first state that legalized medical cannabis in 1996.

Back then, legendary Dennis Peron, who died January 2018, opened the first cannabis dispensary of its in San Francisco and called it Cannabis Buyers Club. Even though the club faced many difficulties, Dennis’ dream eventually paved the way for US dispensaries not only with medical cannabis, but since 2014 also with cannabis for recreational use in some states.


The first recreational dispensary

The very first such dispensary called 3D Cannabis was opened to public January 1st 2014 in Colorado. Now there are recreational dispensaries not only in Colorado, but in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada and soon Massachusetts.


What cab be found in a typical dispensary

Most dispensaries offer dried buds which you can look at, smell, but most likely not touch. The offer usually contains sativas, hybrids of all kinds and indicas – along with test results enabling the buyer to see what the percentage of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenoids in the strain is. Results also guarantee (or at least they should) that the buds do not contain mold and other harmful substances.

Dispensaries also offer concentrated cannabis in various forms, such as hashish or different kinds of extracts. And last but not least, there are usually skilled advisers who help the customer find the best product for them. Only people with very good knowledge of all the products that are sold in the dispensary can become budtenders.

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