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White strains

Cannabis strains whose names contain the word “white” are varieties of hybrids with a significant yield of dense buds. These are being covered with a thick layer of resinous crystals towards the end of the flowering period. White strains tend to have a strong genetic base in indicas and produce thick and solid flowers that mature quickly; a fact that only increases their popularity.

Although many white cannabis varieties proudly claim to be direct descendants from the famous White Widow, it´s not always the case. In fact, any strains that are potent enough to become coated in so much resin that they turn white may be called “white” by their proud growers.

White Widow and White Russian

People who enjoy White Widow should not miss White Russian next time they’re deciding what to grow – this strain was originally bred by a Dutch seedbank Serious Seeds. It is an indica-dominant hybrid of two legends of growing and breeding – the genuine White Widow, and the AK-47, which was, in its time (late 1990s), considered the most potent strain in the world, with THC content over 22%. Of course, there are many strains nowadays with THC content of as much as 30%, but anything above 20% was far from average weed fifteen or twenty years ago.

Every new bud, harvest or joint show that white cannabis strains consistently belong among the strongest and most popular ones, providing users with a strong feeling of deep physical relaxation, introspection and calmness.

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