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Cannabis-infused Foods (Edibles) - Application

We can add cannabis extracts, cannabis butter or other fat infused with compounds contained in cannabis into various dishes. Effects of the ingestion of cannabis last between four to six hours, which is much longer than effects of inhalation. It takes much longer for the effects of ingestion to manifest (between 30 to 90 minutes), compared to the fast effects of inhalation or sublingual spray.

Due to the slow action and long-lasting effects of ingested cannabis, cannabis-infused foods are suitable as a cure for chronic diseases that require frequent usage throughout the day. However, this method of use poses a risk of consuming an excessive amount as it is difficult to adjust the dosage due to the late manifestation of effects. One needs to be very careful, eat only a small amount and wait for at least an hour before deciding to increase the dosage. Cannabis-infused foods are not suitable for people suffering from nausea, vomiting, or low tolerance to THC’s psychoactive effects.

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