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Smoking - Application

There are many ways of using cannabis and many different therapeutic prepartion, which can contain cannabinoids. The most suitable means of ingestion is the one that allows for consumption of the optimal dosage with desirable duration of effects and with minimal side effects.

Most commonly it's the dried female flowers that are smoked in a pipe or in the form of joint, which is basically a cigarette rolled from cannabis instead of tobacco. When inhaled, cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids are absorbed in lungs and blood and start affecting the brain. The effects usually occur only a few minutes after the inhalation and fade away after two to three hours. Smoking is a suitable treatment for acute symptoms that need to be relieved fast, such as painful cramps, nausea or vomitting. The dosage can be easily increased by another “puff”. If you do not achieve the desired effect within a few minutes, you can just inhale again. However, burning cannabis also contains harmful substances (such as any type of inhaled smoke) that may cause irritation of the lungs.

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