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Ice by Female Seeds


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The ICE® cannabis strain is a selected phenotype from a Skunk Special x White Widow hybrid that was then crossbred with a Blueberry to improve the taste. It was selected out of 500 females, because of its amazing resin production and aroma. Years of backcrossing and cubing were spent to stabilize this cross before Female Seeds had the perfect phenotype. Ice was first introduced as a regular strain through another seedbank Ferry used to breed seeds for. In 2003 at the start of Female Seeds he launched the Ice as a female strain.

Ice is short and has a stocky build. You will find huge, tight buds covered in frosty, snow-white trichomes. This bud structure stems from its Skunk Special origins. The Ice has the potency of its White Widow ancestral roots. Ice was bred primarily for indoor growing, but can also be easily grown outdoors in a Mediterranean climate as it is a very heat resistant cannabis strain.

The smell and taste is strong and intense; earthy, diesel and fuel with a hint of licorice. The effect is very balanced.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Mostly Indica
Indoor flowering time
8–10 weeks
Skunk x White Widow x Blueberry (10%)
intense diesel/fuel with a hint of licorice
Plant height
Indoor: 60–80cm / Outdoor: 150–200cm
Female Seeds



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