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Skunk Special by Female Seeds

Skunk Special

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Skunk Special a.k.a. Red Skunk by Female Seeds stems from the infamous Red Skunk clones that conquered the Netherlands in the late eighties/early nineties. Ferry started working on the Skunk Special in the nineties. The Skunk Special is the result of several S1 lines inbred with a 25% of Automatic. The current line was selected over several generations in order to retain the right and essential Skunk features, yet creating a fast flowering strain.

Showing almost no variety between the individuals, this is among the most stable and homogenous strains since it was selected from a few thousand plants. This Skunk Special is a powerful and strong plant with thick, solid stems, creating massively tight buds during the flowering stage. The Skunk Special has gorgeous looking red pistils that give this plant an amazing bag appeal.

Skunk Special is suitable for indoor, greenhouses and outdoors if grown in temperate and/or the warm Mediterranean climate. It is a massive outdoor behemoth with amazing trichome production.

Skunk Special likes to be fed with good nutrients. Start feeding light and gradually increase the nutes for optimal growth. Light feeding also helps you steer clear from any deficiencies. It definitely likes a lot of light. To be more specific far red spectrum is what helps to reach the full potential.

The smell can be described as extremely pungent and citral with the classic cat-piss smell of the old-school Skunk. Skunk Special features a rich and intense Skunk taste. It is a very clean smoke. A skunky and slightly sweet taste that is slightly acidic towards at the end.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Mostly Indica
Indoor flowering time
8–10 weeks
Mexican x Colombian Sativa
pungent and citrus
Plant height
Indoor: 70–90cm |Outdoor: 100–200 cm
Female Seeds



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