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Dream Berry

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Female Seeds’ motto is “so easy”, and when you grow this new sativa-dominant hybrid, the Dream Berry – you’ll know why. 
The Dream Berry strain can from a stabilized Blue Dream clone mom, with a Blueberry-dominant Blueberry Cheesecake pheno. Dream Berry relaxes and relieves pain symptoms, nausea and alleviates depression. 
Plants from the Dream Berry feminized seeds produces medium-sized to large buds. Dream Berry develops predominantly rock-hard nugs with buds on the lower branches being fluffier. The Dream Berry plant is relatively short and compact with many leaves and wide lateral branches. Leaves are mostly dark green. However, one phenotype has a faint blue shine on its leaves whilst another has an almost dark purplish complexion, thanks to its Blueberry origins. Another important detail to mention is the noticeable abundance of long, thick pistils. 
The smell is reminiscent of the blueberry because of its sweetness and because of the subtle berries tones. In conclusion, the smell is complex and with interesting pine/herbal sour notes thanks to the Haze ancestors.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Sativa dominant
Indoor flowering time
9–10 weeks
(Blueberry x Haze) x Nev Haze x Blueberry Cheesecake
Blueberry with woody Haze and herbal undertones
Plant height
Indoor: 80–150 cm, Outdoor: 2–4 m
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