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Afghan Kush

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We bring to you this Indica Kush, a lineage that has produced many champion strains, from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Afghanistan. This particular strain grows wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, which forms the border between Tajikistan and Ukbekistan. As different wild Kush varieties grow side-by-side in such a relatively small area, this very stable, almost 100% pure Indica strain is probably the result of multiple interbreeding. A very special hash taste and smell, she’s a very compact and hardy plant. Owing to her potent, relaxing effect, which is not at all cerebral, Afghan Kush is a pure strain with a very high medicinal value.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

100% indica
Indoor flowering time
45–55 days
Flowering time outdoor
end of september - beginning of october
afghán (linie Kush)
afghan hash
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