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2046 was selected for its incredible psychedelic powers and indisputable Haze aroma. Patience is needed to grow this lady, but you will be generously rewarded after 13–15 weeks depending on the phenotype (the more psychedelic phenotype, the longer duration). Cultivation can be complicated, it should only be grown in S.C.R.O.G. or in high–ceiling grow rooms, fastened with ties to support.

It has an energizing high with the typical intense Haze flavor, which is a gift to your taste buds.

Specially recommended for diseases such as glaucoma.

1º Indoor – 4ª Copa del Mar de Plata 2014, Argentina
2º Outdoor – Copa Caba 2014, Argentina
2º Indoor – Copa Caba 2014, Argentina
3º Extract – Copa Caba 2014, Argentina
1º Extract – Cata Copa Cultivadores Cannábicos 2014, Argentina
2º Hydro – Asociación Cannábica M.F. 2014, Miranda de Ebro
1º Indoor – Copa Zion 2013, Argentina
1º Indoor – Copa Masters de Córdoba 2011, Argentina
1º Extract – Copa del Mar de Plata 2011, Argentina
1º Indoor – Copa del Mar de Plata 2011, Argentina

Fundamental parameters

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100% sativa
Indoor flowering time
13–15 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
late November
Neville’s Haze x Kali Mist
Plant height
2,5–3 m
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