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Zelený zákal (Glaukom)

The biggest problem with cannabis treatment of glaucoma is a finding the best way of administration. Scientific discoveries would hopefully lead to the development of various new methods – the most desirable one is the form of eye drops, which would ensure direct application of cannabinoids directly on the afflicted area avoiding the psychoactive effects induced by oral administration.


Expert’s View

Ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas Orvald claims that “glaucoma can be treated by lowering of the intraocular pressure. Recent studies shown that besides other beneficial effects, cannabis can reduce this pressure… When used properly, the plant can become an effective medicine for the glaucoma. It seems that chemicals in cannabis protect retina, which transfers the signals of visual perception into brain.”

A 60-year-old woman, who underwent a surgery, participated in one of the glaucoma studies published in 2005. The conventional treatment was not effective in her case, thus, after a consultation with her physician, she started to use the medical cannabis in the form of joints and edibles. Her state improved significantly – the intraocular pressure got under control and she has not lost the vision in following years.


Patient’s View

Elvy Musikka, the well-known American glaucoma patient says: “I was diagnosed as having glaucoma in 1975. Since then, I was repeatedly assured that nothing helps me as much as cannabis.”