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The new seed varieties by Ministry of Cannabis

This year Ministry of Cannabis presents four new strains in its catalog that will delight the cultivators and fans of cannabis seeds.

Two of these new varieties of cannabis seeds have both feminized and autoflowering versions.

However, two of them are available only in one version, namely the feminized Instakush and then the autoflowering version of one of our classic strains, Northern Lights.

Let's introduce these new fantastic strains of cannabis seeds to you:

Instakush: Available only in the feminized version, it is a plant whose genetic origin is descended from two of the best indica varieties so successful among cultivators: Hindu Kush and OG Kush. This plant stands out for being robust, compact and having many lateral branches. It is quite resistant to pests and mold, and its flowering lasts about 8 weeks. It is mainly an indica (80%) which is the ideal plant for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Auto Northern Lights: This is one of the most famous cannabis varieties in the world, widely known and enjoyed by growers and fans from across the planet. With the ratio of 75% indica and 25% ruderalis, it is the right strain to provide excellent relaxation in body and mind. Its flavor is a little sweeter than the feminized version. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, and grows very well in hydroponic systems.

On the other hand, there are also two new awesome strains that are available in both feminized and autoflowering versions: CBD Star and Mandarin Haze.

The first new strain of cannabis seeds presented by this company is CBD Star, a revolutionary strain with a high content of CBD that has been developed to help people who are looking for a medicinally adequate, easy-to-grow plant. The plant is very robust when it grows and contains a well-balanced ratio of CBD and THC – both 12%.

The autoflowering version of these cannabis seeds has a flowering time of only six weeks. Both versions are suitable for mitigating insomnia and calming the states of anxiety, since this strain is indica-dominant.

And finally, Mandarin Haze. In this case we are facing a refreshing strain, ideal for restless minds, one that helps you exploit all the creative potential, since it is a sativa-dominant strain. In addition, medicinally speaking, this plant can help relieve depression and anxiety. Although it grows well in hydroponic systems, it only reveals its true potential when it is grown in natural soil and if it is cured with time and dedication.

One of the most relevant aspects, especially in its autoflowering version, is that its flowering period is only 7 weeks.

These are the new strains of the Ministry of Cannabis seed bank.

They offer the best quality and professionalism to both novice and expert growers. Visit their website for more information!