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Topical cannabis preparations

Topical cannabis preparations have been gaining on popularity over the years. And for a good reason: cannabis-based products, such as face lotions or creams, have many beneficial effects on complexion and health of our skin.

The major advantage of applying cannabis topically is the lack of any psychoactive effect. Therefore, the preparations meant for the skin can be easily incorporated into the daily care. Since these preparations can be easily rubbed into sore places, they are used to relieve sore muscles after exercise, to get rid of itching in eczemas, but also for arthritis joint pain.


What are topical cannabis preparations?

Topical cannabis preparations are creams, face lotions, ointments and oils intended for external use. They are most commonly used to treat inflammations, aches, and skin diseases. When applied onto the skin, the cannabinoids work directly on the spot, in contrast to a different ways of application via oral consumption or smoking.

Different sorts of topical preparations with cannabis and other herbs have been used throughout history – for instance, calming compresses made of cannabis tow were popular in Europe.


The advantages of zero psychoactivity

“THC and CBD are effective on skin, but from there they do not reach the bloodstream,” explains one of the world’s leading experts on the pharmacology of cannabis Dr. Ethan Russo. That is why cannabis applied topically affects human body differently than cannabis consumed orally or by inhalation.

“The afflicted place is targeted and influenced directly by the cannabinoids, and the user does not experience intoxication after its administration. The skin is usually a difficult obstacle for active substances to penetrate,” Russo says. “It contains layers which require these compounds to be soluble in water, and other layers that require them to be soluble in lipids (fats). Cannabinoids are lipophilic (soluble in fats), but not water-soluble, so they do not automatically get through and enter the bloodstream.”

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