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Atopic dermatitis

Atopický ekzém

Indications – Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin inflammation caused most likely by genetic factors, immune system dysfunction and/or environmental exposures. It affects mainly children and results in red, itchy and cracked skin.

Treating Eczema Conventionally

It is estimated that atopic dermatitis affects 15–20 percent of children and 1–3 percent of adults worldwide. There is currently no conventional cure and medical treatments focus on controlling the symptoms by reducing inflammation and relieving itching. However, many pharmaceuticals used for eczema treatment, such as corticosteroids, may have serious side effects, which are actually worse than the symptoms itself.

Cannabis: Natural and Effective Option

Cannabis has been used historically to treat a variety of ailments by topical application. When applied topically, cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin directly on affected area and react with present CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Anecdotal evidence on the internet as well as recent research have confirmed that this way of administering cannabis works for many patients with atopic dermatitis due to anti- inflammatory, analgesic or antibacterial properties of many cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN and others).