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Royale Haze by Dinafem Seeds

Royale Haze

Average rating: 3.8 (4× ratings)

Royale Haze can last for several hours, without the sensation of lethargy or tiredness. High quality sativas produce clear psychoactive effects, without the feeling of sleepiness or tiredness. The presence of THCV, a compound that makes the stimulant effect of THC stronger, and the absence of CBD are key factors to the length of the effect. The effect is true sativa and it produces like crazy. As long as its gets a lot of light, plenty of water, a lot of fertiliser, and just 70 days of flowering. The aroma is really spicy, with a subtle sweet skunk tone in some of them which is rich, complex and tasty. It can easily be grown outdoors, even in cold and mountainous climates of Southern Europe, as it is harvested relatively early. It is completely suitable for a SCROG.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

85% sat./ 15% ind.
Indoor flowering time
65–75 days
Flowering time outdoor
middle/end of october
Haze x (Skunk x Northern Lights)
sweet skunk tone in some of them, rich and complex, tasty
Plant height
outdoor 4,5 m



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