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Screen Of Green

Screen of Green (abbreviated as SCROG) is a method of indoor growing that utilizes mesh. This type of growing increases production and allows for a maximalization of a monolithic canopy of plants, which, as a result, fully exploits all available light.


Advantages of SCROG

If you let your plants grow in flower pots without any intervention, there is a great chance of only one central bud (cola) developing on each plant. However, by utilizing the SCROG method, every branch will develop into a rather big cola. It is not possible to produce tall plants this way, but you can achieve a homogenous harvest of equal quality.

All branches are pulled through just above the screen. This means that they are all in equal distance from the light source. That way, each flower may absorb as much light as it can take.

This method is suitable for growing sativa-dominant varieties. Sativas tend to grow in height, making it difficult to grow them indoors.

Using the screen also makes maintenance easier. There is no need for tying branches using cords, etc. The screen provides a simple grid which is ideally suited for this purpose.


How to use SCROG

Utilizing SCROG is simple. When the plants reach the vegetative phase, simply start pulling their branches through the screen. The plants should be trimmed below the canopy, which makes them easier to water and check.

You should definitely pay attention to the beginning of flowering period when using SCROG. Some strains tend to grow more than others during the flowering stage. Growers should study available information on the variety they intend to grow before employing SCROG. If the strain tends to grow in height and grow rapidly in the beginning of flowering period, it is advisable to shorten the vegetative phase.

Screen Of Green