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Mystic Cookie Express

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A small cookie on a journey to a mystical paradise

It is derived from the US clone GSC and, like her older sister, is the result of an exhaustive selection of our Kush Express variety. The plant is of average size and has dense, rather short branches, where small compact flowers covered with resin appear. The predominant aroma is bitter and resembles a burn. Completely drugged and recognized immediately after opening the jar. The taste is bitter, intense as well as a fragrance with a hint of menthol at the end. It has a pleasant effect, both mental and physical. It brings a new experience to taste buds, suitable even for those who prefer auto-flowering strains. The pantry should not miss cookies for mystical days!

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indica
Indoor flowering time
50-55 days
Flowering time outdoor
Klon GSC X Kush express
sweet, fruity, mango, peach, vanilla
Positronic Seeds


As this variety will be affect on you


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