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Fast Flowering

Fast Flowering

Many seedbanks are offering special product lines nowadays, which contain fast growing versions of their popular strains. They are becoming known under the term “fast flowering”, combining the potency of the best classical strains with the growth cycle of autoflowering strains. The result is a faster-maturing plant rich in resin – and therefore with cannabinoids.


Not autoflowering, but faster than usual

The first generation of these hybrids is a product of crossbreeding of high quality clones with the third generation of autoflowering plants. Growing them requires only minor interventions, which allows for creating a simple plan of care. The fast-growing genetics provides a short and effective path towards dense buds of the highest quality, sometimes as soon as late August.

Thanks to a rather short life cycle that may end in a very short time – sometimes as little as eight weeks – the latest hybrids are among the fastest growing strains currently available on the market. They are genetically coded to flower according to a faster time plan and to have a shorter flowering period, which is desirable in regions where autumn brings higher humidity that may cause a risk of mold developing.

The time of harvest in fast flowering strains may easily occur already after six to seven weeks of flowering.