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Heaven’s Fruit by Philosopher Seeds

Heaven’s Fruit

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This breeding project started with a selection of NY City Diesel from Soma Sacred Seeds, a plant with intense diesel scent. This plant was pollinated with Tropimango male by Philosopher Seeds to improve both yield and structure, but without altering the organoleptic properties of NYCD. Ideal for indoor grow rooms and also suitable for outdoor crops.

Heaven’s Fruit is a compact plant with short, lush leaves. Its bright green color contrasts with the bright resin glands that cover its buds during the flowering stage. Its flowers are spectacular and very smelly, dense and compact.

This hybrid is very stable and uniform, suitable for the Sea of ​​Green technique. Philosopher Seeds recommend using 25–30 plants per m2.

The overall quality will increase with temperatures below 18 °C, although a slight decrease in yield may be observed. If temps are low, the leaves may darken at the end of bloom, acquiring amazing purple/black hues.

Heaven’s Fruit looks like a Christmas tree when grown outdoors, elegant and beautiful. If temperatures drop below 15°C during the last weeks of flowering, its leaves turn into a gorgeous purple color. Its outstanding resistance to molds, pests and other diseases makes it an ideal for any type of grower.

As a result of the cross with Tropimango, the diesel flavor of NYCD is a bit milder in the offspring, with delicious sweet, fruity and earthy notes. This strain is an absolute must for Diesel lovers looking for more subtle nuances and complex flavor.



Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

60% sat./ 40% ind.
Indoor flowering time
60–65 days
Flowering time outdoor
NY Diesel x Tropimango
Philosopher Seeds


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