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Durga Mata®

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Durga Mata is a heavy indica with a reputation for sweet taste and deep relaxation. Long before medical CBD strains were developed, this strain was a popular with smokers seeking assistance for medical conditions. The taste of Durga Mata is distinctive, and the perfumed aroma has been described as having a Turkish Delight quality. The plant, due to its forgiving nature, is very hardy and needs little maintenance. Stout and bushy, its branches allow for the growth of decent-sized indica buds. Indoors, Durga Mata has very low maintenance and is easy to manage. Its size works well in SOG/SCROG set-ups. Outdoors, this plant will respond well in cooler northern regions because it does not need so much light as other strains and it has been bred to have a good defense against pests. Nevertheless, it will also thrive in warmer climates. Suitable for growing outside between 55° N and 55° S, Durga Mata is ready to harvest at the beginning of October outdoors (N. lat.) and finishes in 7–8 weeks indoors

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

90% ind. / 10% sat.
Indoor flowering time
56 days
Flowering time outdoor
early October
exotic, perfumed
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