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Cream Caramel F1 Fast Version ®

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Feminized and non-autoflowering version. The most awarded strain from the Sweet Seeds catalog Cream Caramel® now featuring ultra-fast flowering. This strain is an F1 hybrid which is the result of the cross between an elite clone of our Cream Caramel® and a selected strain of 3rd generation of Cream Caramel Auto®. This version of Cream Caramel® shows a strong hybrid vigour, turning into plants with the usual mainly Indica structure. Shows great homogeneity in all the offspring.

The aroma is very sweet resembling caramel, with earthy tones and hues inherited from the Blue genetics that intervenes in the cross of the original Cream Caramel®. This kind of strains are usually the favourites of medical cannabis users. Chemotypes with high THC levels and enough CBD to provide a relaxing and antidepressant effect.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

90% ind./ 10% sat.
Indoor flowering time
7 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
mid. September
Cream Caramel x selected strain autoflowerings third generation
Sweet Seeds


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