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Cannabis Light Feminized

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This strain has been created for those who want to use cannabis, but without having the high/stoned effect that you get normally with other types of marijuana. In this case, the CBD is kind, allowing for a large selection of relaxing uses. Possible medical uses, include anti-inflammatory, help with sleeping, anxiety reduction, spasms reducer, antipsychotic and anti-oxidation. This is the feminized version that offers a very high level of CBD, in our test the plants reached the 14% of CBD, in this case the THC was <0.4%. The effect is a positive feeling of relaxation that won't affect any of your abilities, so your mind will be relaxed and sharp at the same time.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

10 % Indica / 90 % Sativa
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
woodsy, sandal, pungent
Ministry of Cannabis


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