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Canadian Kush

Average rating: 4.1 (28× ratings)

This plant is a cross between Purple Kush from California to a Special Kush from Canada. Particularly versatile plant that gives really good results both indoor and outdoor. It is suitable to grow in spaces with limited height. Its leaves are short and wide with a classic indica pattern, usually turning dark green shades grading to purple at the end of flowering. It makes dense buds, compact and completely frosty. The scent of this plant is reminiscent of pine and has an earthy flavor with unmistakable hints of grape. Organic growing is recommended to maximize its aroma and flavor. Its effect is strong, usually relaxing and can last up to four hours in people with low tolerance levels. It gives a euphoric entry but quickly becomes rather narcotic, being valued at medicinal level for ailments such as depression, insomnia and pain relief.

2º Extract – Spannabis Cup 2013, Barcelona

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

100% indica
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
early October
Purple Kush x Special Kush
Life cycle
3–4 weeks
Plant height
2 – 2,5 m
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Konopná odrůda Canadian Kush
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