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Auto Frisian Dew®

Average rating: 4.2 (5× ratings)

Auto Frisian Dew® has been upgraded and improved, so it is now based on a specially selected Purple phenotype of photoperiod Frisian Dew. Several generations of careful selection then followed before Dutch Passion felt happy with the improvements to Auto Frisian Dew®. The plants tend to have rich purple colorations on the buds, though the leaves stay green. Mold resistance is improved, and so is the flavor. Plants are typically 60–80 centimeters tall and are often ready 10 weeks after germination, sometimes in less than 10 weeks. In cooler outdoor conditions the plant can require an extra week or two. This variety is a little faster than normal automatics and this helps maximize mold resistance in demanding outdoor conditions. Auto Frisian Dew® performs well indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors in a sunny, warm spot. Auto Frisian Dew®, with the deep rich purple hues is one of Dutch Passion’s most attractive autoflowers.

3rd prize – “Autoflowering” – High Life Cup, Amsterdam 2014

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Frisian Dew x Unknown Ruderalis
Life cycle
10 -11 weeks
Plant height
60–80 cm
Dutch Passion



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