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Afghan Express

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Think back to the best Afghan and take a flight by this fast flying carpet.

It comes from the Middle East, which gives this plant a surprising size and strength.

It is grown for its invigorating qualities; it is a self- flowering plant of the third generation. The predecessor of our Afghan is an old clone given as a present by Mr. Wernard Bruining, which was selected for its excellent THC / CBD ratio.

We hybridized it with our best Ruderalis and the plant offspring were crossed several times to get stabilized and gain a high cannabinoid content. The plant of Afghan structure: robust and large branching, thick and broad leaves with intense green colour. It has large buds completely covered with resin. The Afghan Express will undoubtedly reach an enviable size.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
70–79 days
Flowering time outdoor
70–79 days
Afghan x Lowryder #2
Strong smell like afghan hash. Touches of moss and coffee.
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